Groundwaters Publishing


Groundwaters Publishing was started by a couple, Judy and Sonny, dedicated to sharing creativity and the talents of others. Through its iterations over the years, and changes of ownership, it has remained true to that ethos with the motto: “Bubbling up in our own good time.”

Now owned by Pat Edwards and Jennifer and Ryan Chambers, the quarterly magazine spurred other publications like memoirs, books, children’s books, poetry projects, and even comics. We had a short break over the pandemic, but are pleased to announce that we are going back to publishing two yearly anthologies, among other things.

We welcome up to two of your best submissions, 1200 words or less, in prose. Fiction, non-fiction, stories, articles of interest in your favorite subject, we accept it all as long as it’s PG-13 rated or lower. We prefer non-political and non-religious pieces.

You are also asked to submit up to 5 poems, 1200 words or less, and digital photography or photos of your physical art. You can submit via email at or at the button below.

— 12 point, double-spaced, Times New Roman or other legible font

— Preferably within the body of the email or attached as a .doc

Once you submit, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with next steps if we like your work!