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Our original show, Resilient Podcast Network, shares bold stories of strong people. Host Jennifer Chambers celebrates those who are resilient to spread strength, coping techniques, good stories, and community.

Jennifer Chambers and Groundwaters Publishing Staff read submissions from writers all over the world, and share interviews with writers, writing tips, contests, and more.

Writer's Radio the Fall Edition Writer's Radio

This is Writer's Radio, the Fall Edition! We're a place writers can have their voice heard. This is a regular (non spooky) edition for the week. Writers in this episode include: Susanne Twight-Alexander Terah Van Dusen  Dimitri Liontos Submit your writing at — Send in a voice message:
  1. Writer's Radio the Fall Edition
  2. Werewolf Stories and Origins
  3. October Writer's Radio: Spooky Reads

Ryan and Jennifer Chambers have been married for over twenty years, and they have opinions about a lot of things. Join them as they talk about all the interesting things they read about, love, and do, from professional wrestling to personal challenges to music to collecting 1970’s Tupperware.