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Jennifer Chambers is a writer, publisher and host of the podcasts @thecouragechecklist and @mayhem.porium.podcast.

Her work has been in print in various places from over 20+ books, to newspapers, to Redbook. A co-owner and Contributing Editor of Groundwaters Publishing, she founded the TEDxVenetaWomen event. She is a survivor of traumatic brain injury, which forced her to re-learn everything from walking and talking to tying her shoes. She also has an extremely rare auto-immune disease; both conditions inform her work and the way she does it.

In her non-fiction, her work is often about the resilience of humans, in that we all have different ways of putting our unique stamps on what it is to navigate life. She explores the darker motivations of others in her writing about true crime. When she’s not writing or interviewing, she enjoys reading, cooking and being outside.

Her books can be seen at your favorite bookstore or online. Listen to the shows wherever you get podcasts, and interact with Chambers on Instagram:



Her newest book, Murder & Mayhem in the Willamette Valley, will be released April 24, 2023.

On Mayhem-Porium:

“I love hearing a good creepy story and I love how in this show you get to learn some history too. It’s neat to be able to hear some new stories and get to escape for a while!”

Angela G.

On Remarkable Oregon Women:

“Remarkable Oregon Women: Revolutionaries & Visionaries by Jennifer Chambers offers a snapshot into the history of the role of women in Oregon’s history. Chambers provides enough information about each woman mentioned to spark an interest in learning more even providing sources for further reading. Remarkable Oregon Women is an interesting book that reminds the reader that women have always played an important role in the progress of society even when they’ve been stymied or their efforts have been hidden by history.”

T. L. Cooper

On The Courage Checklist:

“Such an inspiring podcast about developing courage. Jennifer is such a talented podcaster. Love every episode of The Courage Checklist!”

Kristina D.

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